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Prepaid electricity service

  How it works allows you to buy Prepaid Electricity Tokens over the Internet or with your Cell Phone

  • What do you need?
    1. The number of your Prepaid Electricity Meter
    2. Your pivot access account details
    3. Internet access or a Cell Phone
    4. (Forms of payment are explainded in the contract)

  • You can register with us in the following ways:
    1. Go to and register online
    2. Download the Registration Form from our website, complete it and fax back to us on (00250) 580 216
    3. Download the form here
      You need Acrobat Reader to view the form, you may download it by clicking the following link: Click to download Adobe's Acrobat Reader
    4. You can also register at our customer care center (00250) 083 599 17. This service is available between 8:00 and 17:00 on weekdays

  • How to buy prepaid electricity over the Internet
      • Enter our website and sign in to your profile • Click on the buy token tab.
      • Select the meter number that you want to buy electricity for.
      • Enter the required amount.
      • Click on the Purchase button, and confirm the transaction.
      • Wait for the transaction to be processed and the token to be displayed.
      • You can now either print out or write down the token.
  • How to buy prepaid electricity by Cell Phone
  • (This option is only available to customers who apply for the cellphone service and installed the pivot mobile software on their phones.