Our Team

We have a diverse team of experienced and new professionals.

Marvin Manzi

What you see is what you get, Presentation is key!

Vanessa Umutoni

It’s never about just developing software applications but about creating impactful/ valuable solutions for our societies. Society is our motivation.

Fiacre Rugwizangoga

First impressions are hard to change therefore we focus on making our products user-friendly at first use. “Simplicity + quality always makes a difference.”

Didier Zigama

It’s not about how many languages I can code, but how many good solutions I can provide. The user does not need to know all the complications in the back-end that’s why our solutions must be simple to use and understand.

Allain Kajangwe

Nothing inspires like solving a larger problem with simple but powerful solutions! Working with PIVOT ACCESS has helped me to build solutions that I know will impact thousands of lives.

Peter Fourier

We make things happen and that’s because every employee is unique. Each product is a combina- tion of hardworking programmers, developers, designers, testers and analysts who take each milestone as a final project itself.

Donatien Masengesho

We are avid students for life, every new challenge is a new opportunity to be innovative and provides us a platform to learn and develop our skills.

Yonah Gasa-Gara

My time at Pivot has been a true learning experience. Everything we produce is a product of teamwork and dedication. I’m glad to be able to work with such inspiring colleagues.

Merab Twahirwa

Building solutions that give our clients a great and unforgettable experience is what keeps us at the forefront in what we do.

Maurice Kagame

The philosophy of putting customers first has enriched the quality of products we offer at PIVOT ACCESS,

Christain Mutesa

At PIVOT ACCESS we work with our customers to provide relevant services to their customers in the simplest form possible. Simple is powerful!

Sildio Mbonyumuhire

My experience at Pivot Access has given me not only the ability to solve complex problems but also the ability to quickly understand clients' aspirations, goals and needs

Joseph Karangwa

The ability to work on your own initiative and remain motivated, is the key success factor in everything you do. Be everywhere, do everything and never fail to satisfy a customer!

Patient Baraka

Write enough code, have fun with it!

Elodie Ndayikunda

We focus on the ideas that are practical, those that give everybody's life meaning

Vivens Mutangana

I manage and improve internal security of software during and after software development life cycle

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Pivot Access Ltd.
Concorde Building,
260, Boulevard de l'Umuganda,
Kigali Rwanda,
Tel: (+250) 788460106,

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